by Thomas The Death Train

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We were dirt poor when we released the first EP so now we are just poor and we rerecorded and remastered the EP.
Album art credits: Danish


released December 14, 2016

All string instruments and vocals recorded at Anchors Down Studios
Drums recorded at Analog Factory
Mix and Mastered By Imran
All songs written by the dog members of TTDT.



all rights reserved


Thomas The Death Train Singapore

Six-piece band from Singapore;
honestly we don't know what we're doing, but we hope you like what you hear

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Track Name: My Attempt At Sorry
Her laughter
When she goes an empty chapter
Lonely girl quite always
Her face unfazed I questioned her ways
I filled my days wit
Pretty little eyes collide with mine
And I surrender to the thoughts inside
Your sorry words feed my story
The spell is cast and now it's time to bleed

I might try to break your heart
Baby baby trust me I won't be fine
I will tear your world apart
Baby baby I'm sorry I'm out of line

There were never any broken pieces inside
But you took everything that I thought was mine
You were the glue that kept me together
But when you left you left all the shards behind

Eating glass beats counting sheep
In a dark room where I left you
You assumed an angels guise
Under that light I shone upon you
Now that night turns to day
And reality's torn and frayed
Our discontinued friendship is over
But still I say

One sacrifice will you be mine
These diamonds are glass shards in my eyes
Track Name: Letters To Mary
Autumn leaves fall down
These culling winds breaks the sound
Of our tears hit the ground
I wish you'd come around

The simple words that I speak
Disappear as you turn from me
We were lost in the dark
While you hid the time bomb

The autumn words were the end of me
Whispers that made you leave
Thickening recipes
Of gossip that hung on me

Listening to chatter
Of happy ever after
I felt you feel the pressure
Of trying not to breakdown

I could tell by the look in your eyes
I could tell by the blank smile
I wash my face
And I see the gray
I drank the venom and I loved the taste

I wrote this letter for you
My one and only noose

I'm out of line
Take all the time
You need, I'm fine
I think I'm fine

I could tell by the look in your eyes
I could tell by the blank smile
I wash my face
And I see the gray
I drank the venom and I loved the taste

You left me in dark while I was looking for the truth
This is for the ones that left me hanging on a noose
Yours sincerely youth